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The global Market Research Industry over a period has evolved from being value proposition driven to become client oriented and output driven.

Sheer Analytics and Insights as firm is created to balance between client requirements without compromising the core values of Market research in –terms of quality, factual correctness, market awareness and analysis. SAI goes back to the root of Market Research in terms of TAM (Total Available Market) and PAM (Potential Available Market) and assess the same quantifying all Push and Pull factors.



Our core team of analysts consists of engineers, economists and statisticians who together in multi-pronged manner asses markets and forecast the same. By this, we address the three major ‘Pillars of Market Research’:

  •   Market Analysis
  •   Technical Analysis
  •   Data Analysis

 Our core teams of analysts have more than 7-10 years of experience in the Market Research field.

We in our process provide balance client requirements with value research and create multiple delivery options in-terms of products where client can choose from our varied basket of off the shelf and custom deliverables.

Our products include from quick turnaround datasets, TAM/PAM Analysis to full-fledged deep dive research on top trending markets.


OUR KEY PRODUCTS            

  •          Syndicate Reports : Deep Dive research reports with cross sectional analysis
  •          Custom Enquiry : Customized Client Reports created in as per client requirements
  •          Passport reports : Short Deliverable report focusing on Top market analysis
  •          TAM/PAM Analysis :  Data sets along with crisp market insights 



We at SAI have a product customized for all our clients. This is to make market research affordable for every one without losing focus on core research. At the end, every firm wants satisfied clients but we provide client satisfaction not only in terms product cost but also in terms of product value.




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