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Global Bicycle Gearbox System Market; By Gear System: Derailleurs, 3 speed Gear Hubs, 7 & 14 speed Gear Hubs; By Components: Counter Shaft, Mainshaft, Gears, Bearing; By Bi-cycle Type: Road bicycle, Cyclo-cross Bicycle, Racing Bicycle, Touring Bicycle, Mountain Bicycles, Hybrid Bicycles, Triathlon Bicycles: Research, Analysis, Insights, and Forecast through 2017-2025

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Bicycle gearbox is a kind of gearing system used in bicycles. The gearbox of a bicycle serves the purpose to transform rotational speed and torque to what is wanted at the drive wheels. This gearbox system is used in bicycle instead of a hub gear or derailleur gears. The bicycle gearbox offers advantages which include protecting the gearing system from dirt and damage, and also improves the shifting performance. In the automation industry, gearboxes used allow the vehicle to achieve different speed combination and torque. Bicycle gearbox is generally used for power transmission and the requirement of this device assists in controlling the speed and as well as change the torque of the bicycle according to road condition and the rider’s need.. Gear box can also be referred as transmission box and is considered to be the second component of the power train in a bicycle. High adoption of bicycle gearbox system in new generation bicycles shows huge market potential during the forecast period.

Notable industry movements:

Gearbox system in a bicycle is the most crucialpart. With the rise in demand of high speed bicycles there is also a rise in demand for bicycle gearbox system. Bicycle gearbox being a new advancement in the automotive industrythere is a huge market potential during the forecast period. According to latest market trend, development of bicycle gearbox system is gaining tractiondue to increase in number of high end bicycles. There are several benefits related to the use of gearbox system in bicycle that are torque multiplication, inertia matching and speed control. The rise in demand of high end bicycleshas been a driving factor for the bicycle gearbox system market.

However, with this there are some de-merits with the bicycle gearbox system. Majorly, the problem is purchasing cost of bicycles having gearbox system which may degrade the market growth. Moreover, with this any fault in the gearing system may also lead to fatal accident. These problems can show a degradation level in the global bicycle gearbox system market.




By Transmission Type

·         Derailleurs

·         3 speed Gear Hubs

·         7 & 14 speed Gear Hubs

By Components

·         Counter Shaft

·         Main Shaft

·         Gears

·         Bearings

By Gearing Techniques

·         Epicyclic gears

·         Spur gears

·         Derailleur gears

By Bicycle Type

·         Road bicycle

·         Cyclo-cross Bicycle

·         Racing Bicycle

·         Touring Bicycle

·         Mountain Bicycles

·         Hybrid Bicycles

·         Triathlon Bicycles

·         Others

By Region

·         North America

·         Europe

·         Asia Pacific

·         EMEA

·         Latin America


Geographical framework and growth trend:

By geography, Bicycle Gearbox market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa and Latin America. Currently, North America and Europe is influencing over thebicycle gearbox system market and it is assumed that this region will hold half of the total market share during the forecast period. Presence of several high end bicycles in this region has augmented the growth of bicycle gearbox in this region. The market growth for bicycle gearbox system is at a nascent stage in regions like Asia-Pacific and Middle East and Africa. Although, in a few couple of years to come, countries like China, India and Australia are expected to augment the market growth of bicycle gearbox system during the forecast period.

Key leaders:

On a global basis, key leaders operating this bicycle gearbox system market are Efneo, PA Pinions, Effigear SAS, Fallbrook Technologies Inc., Suntour, Shimano and Rohloff AG among others.

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