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Global High Performance Hybrids Market; By Types Full Hybrids, Mild Hybrids, Plug-in Hybrids; By Component, •Prime Mover, Electric Motor, Batteries, Controller, DC/AC Inverter, DC/DC Converter: Research, Analysis, Insights, Size, Growth and Forecast through 2016-2025

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High performance hybrid refers to modern technology hybrid vehicles which combines both internal combustion (I.C) engines and as well as an electric motor to drive the vehicle. These vehicles can be considered fuel efficient and smart. High performance hybrids consume less amount of gasoline thus occurring less pollution and hence can prove to be valuable for the environment. The rise in demand of high performance hybrids have emerged in the recent years thus augmenting the growth of the High performance hybrids market through the recent years. The characteristic of hybrid cars in avoidance of fuel stations seem to boost the interest of automobile companies in further offering of hybrid cars. Hybrid cars and Electric Vehicles (EV’s) can also be termed as green cars. These vehicles are fuel efficient cars and reduce emission by shutting down the internal combustion engine (ICE) when idle and again restarting it when required.

Notable industry movements:

High performance hybrid vehicles are new generation automobiles with huge market potential during the forecast period majorly due to the rising cost of gasoline prices which stimulates the market growth for hybrid vehicles. In the last couple of years some the major automotive manufacturers have already established high performance hybrid vehicle models such as Prius V, Fusion Energi, and these models are doing good particularly in US and Western Europe. As of 2016-17, major companies such as Tesla, Toyota, Ford and others are investing considerable amount of resources to come up with new and advanced models of high performance hybrid vehicles. This is projected to augment the popularity of high performance hybrid vehicles among consumers with increasing disposable income. Moreover, high performance hybrid vehicles will bring a difference due to its almost zero emissions and the money that can be saved on fuels.

However along with this there are also some downsides with High performance hybrid vehicles. Firstly, the chemicals needed to run this type of vehicles are not eco-friendly. Although, more use of these type of vehicles can surely bring improvement in its segment. Secondly, it’s the lack of information to consumer due to which there is a misconception on the new hybrid technology that deviates consumers from buying. Thirdly, the main cause is the high initial cost of high performance hybrid vehicles which results in low sales. The cost of the battery used in hybrid or EV vehicles alone can range between USD 3900 – USD9300 which is equivalent to the cost of a new IC (Internal Combustion) engine powered vehicle.




By Types

·         Full Hybrids

·         Mild Hybrids

·         Plug-in Hybrids

By Component

·         Prime Mover

·         Electric Motor

·         Batteries

·         Controller

·         DC/AC Inverter

·         DC/DC Converter

·         Others


·         North America

·         Europe

·         Asia Pacific

·         Rest of World


Geographical framework and growth trend:

By geography, high performance hybrid market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and rest of the world. Majorly, North America and Europe is expected to experience a higher market growth rate owing to the widespread adoption of high performance hybrids in future. Countries like Norway, the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, Germany has shown a major increase in sales of hybrid vehicles as these vehicles are eco-friendly in nature and also do save from gasoline expenses.

However, in some Asian countries the market growth is very low due to to the high initial price of these vehicles.

Key leaders:

On a global basis, key leaders operating this high performance hybrid market are Ford Motor Co., Toyota Motor Corporation, Tesla Motors, Porsche AG, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, Lexus, Hyundai Motor Company, Honda Motor Company, General Motors Company, Volvo Group, Chevrolet among others.


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