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Global Motorcycle Airbag Jacket Market; By Technology: Cord and Cordless: Research, Analysis, Insights, and Forecast through 2016-2025

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Motorcycle airbag jacket is a type of personal protective equipment that is used to upgrade motorcycle safety system. The motorcycle jacket is equipped with airbag system which serves its purpose at the time of accident by reducing the force of impact at the time of collision. The demand for motorcycle airbag jacket is increasing with the rise of high performance sports bikes. Moreover, in many countries it becomes a trend to wear this kind of personal protective equipment so as to enhance the look as well as riding safety. This device (motorcycle airbag jacket) is automatically filled by gas that is being released from a carbon dioxide cylinder and is worn over a standard vest. Apart from car air bags the motorcycle airbags can be reloaded and repacked with new CO2 cartridge for reuse. Motorcycles are considered as the most endangered way of transport as compared to other vehicles such as trucks, passenger cars, buses and other vehicles. Further down, in recent days motorcycles are equipped with high speed engines which adds greater risk for the rider. In the event of an accident or a crash, motorcycle rider lacks the protection level thus rising the probability of getting injured. Due to the increasing number of accidents and injuries the motorcycle airbag jacket is expected to flourish the market growth during the forecast period.

Notable industry movements:

For any moving vehicle, safety is the most important part. With the rise in demand of high speed motorcycles there is also a rise in demand for motorcycle airbag jacket. Motorcycle airbag jacket being a new advancement in safety system there is a huge market potential during the forecast period. In recent days, most of the airbags supplied by the manufacturers are operated by the help of a cord. Major motorcycle manufacturer Ducati and Dainese (manufacturer of motorcycles protective wear) have collaborated together in the making of wireless motorcycle airbag jacket. According to latest market trend, development of motorcycle airbag jacket is gaining traction which is based on safety reasons. The motorcycle airbag jacket imparts extra protection to the body parts of a rider. The airbag jacket provides protection to body parts such as side ribs area, front chest area, spine areas, the back area and also gives a support to the neck. The rise in demand of safety standards has been a driving factor for the motorcycle airbag jacket market.

However, with this there are some downsides with the motorcycle airbag jacket. Majorly, the problem is purchasing cost of motorcycle airbag jacket which may degrade the market growth. Moreover, with this any fault in the wiring system may also lead to fatal accident.




By Technology

·         Cord

·         Cordless

By Region

·         North America

·         Europe

·         Asia Pacific

·         EMEA


Geographical framework and growth trend:

By geography, motorcycle airbag jacket market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Middle East and Africa. Majorly, Middle East and Africa is expected to influence over the motorcycle airbag jacket market and it is assumed that this region will hold half of the total market share during the forecast period. Presence of several high end motorcycles in this region has augmented the growth of motorcycle airbag jacket in this region. Further down, in a few couple of years to come Europe being the heart of motorcycle racing, will also be on the verge to augment the market growth of motorcycle airbag jacket during the forecast period.

Key leaders:

On a global basis, key leaders operating this motorcycle airbag jacket market are Dainese, MotoAir, Alpinestars, Air-Vest, and Helite among others.

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