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Global Road Train Engines and Trailers Market; By Road Trains, B-double, B-triple, AB triple, BAB quad, C-train, Dog-trailer; By Road Train Engines, Kenworth T909, Volvo FH160, Mack Titan 6*4, Superliner 6*4 MP10, Freightliner Coronado 122, Kenworth T659, Mack CLR Superliner, Kenworth T609: Research, Analysis, Insights, Size, Growth and Forecast through 2016-2025

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Road train engines and trailers refer to a kind of trucking vehicle which helps in the improvement of transportation system .In Australia this term “Road Train” is most often used, whereas in countries like United States and Canada the term “Triples,” ”Turnpike Doubles” and “Rocky Mountain Doubles” are used to refer Longer Combination Vehicles(LCVs). Road train engine comprises of highly powered engine of around 450 or 500 horsepower which has the capability to tow more than one trailer at a time. Usage of this vehicle type makes freight move efficiently from one region to another. The purpose of this vehicle type is that it helps in transporting goods in bulk which is a proven form of logistics.. This trucking concept is mainly used in remote and urban areas of developed countries.

The road train trailer arrangement is done in the following way. B-double that consists of a prime mover which tows the lead trailer. The B-triple which is same as the B-double consisting of an additional lead trailer behind the prime mover. AB triple consists of a prime mover, a semi-trailer, a converter dolly and then linked by a B-double. The BAB quad consists of two B-double units attached to a converter dolly. The C-train is a semi trailer attached to the C-dolly which is connected to another trailer in front of it. The Dog-trailer is the one which is linked to a converter dolly.  


Market growth:

Time management being an important aspect of industrial-sector, the timely delivery of raw-materials is necessary for effective manufacturing which in turn is expected to augment the Road train engines and trailers market through the forecast period. Pertaining to their capability of carrying huge load of goods especially by towing multiple trailers at a time, these trucking vehicles are significant in delivering goods to desired destination on specified time.


However road train engines being enormous in size and due to its gigantic weight it is restricted to carry any operation in hilly areas. More than that truckies driving this type of truck needs to be highly experienced and should have a proper license to drive such kind of vehicle. Moreover in different countries these trucks on public roads are limited to a certain number of trailers or there is a limitation on the length of the trailer. For example, in the United States trucks are limited to tow two to three trailers at one time whereas, in some European countries trucks with trailers are allowed to a certain length of 25.25 m (82.8  ft).


The road train engines and trailers market is segmented broadly by types and by region.

Road Trains

·         B-double

·         B-triple

·         AB triple

·         BAB quad

·         C-train

·         Dog-trailer

Road Train Engines

·         Kenworth T909

·         Volvo FH160

·         Mack Titan 6*4

·         Superliner 6*4 MP10

·         Freightliner Coronado 122

·         Kenworth T659

·         Mack CLR Superliner

·         Kenworth T609

·         Others


·         North America

·         Mexico

·         United States

·         Canada

·         South America

·         Argentina

·         Asia-Pacific

·         Australia

·         Europe

·         Finland

·         Sweden

·         Denmark

·         Netherlands

·         Germany

·         Norway

·         Rest of the World

·         Middle East

·         Africa


Geographical framework and growth trend:

By geography, the Road train engines and trailers market is segmented into North America, South America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Majorly, Australia is expected to experience a higher market growth trend compared to the market of other countries pertaining to less hilly areas.

Key leaders:

On a global basis, key leaders operating the Road train engines and trailer market are Daimler AG, Volvo Group, Groupe Renault among others.


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