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Ecosmob’s Hosted PBX Solutions Aims Towards Making Business Communication Flexible And Simple
Published : June 2018

The global leaders in the VoIP technologies, Ecosmob have announced that they will launch their hosted PBX solutions for the small and medium enterprises. These solutions will come at affordable rates so that they help them to stay on top regarding the capabilities of their communication.


During the launch, the VP of Ecosmob said, “Ecosmob innovates in finding ways to serve small and medium enterprises and help them to become globally competitive. Our IP-PBX solution is cloud hosted. This has several advantages for businesses”.


He further said that their IP PBX will have the capacity to operate within hours by using the prevailing IT infrastructure of any business. The implementation of smart technologies, AI, protocols, and codecs means that the system will work impeccably even on mobile devices as they can be added to the IP PBX. This eventually will allow the remote workers to use their features and can stay connected. Monitoring the system will become easier with the extremely user-friendly dashboard.


The Ecosmob IP PBX provides various facilities to the users such as unified call messaging, a system that will provide the users in various locations easy access to their voicemail, email, and fax. In addition to this, there is also SMS and telephony. The Find me to Follow me features allow them to track and get the location of the specific employee. The other facilities that are included in the IP PBX consist of a virtual phone number facility that provides the benefits of having a local phone number in some specific geographical locations. The implementations of smart WebRTC in the Ecosmob developed IP PBX solution makes audio and video conferencing easier. Besides these facilities, there are also the usual features such as auto attendant and HD services, browser-based web conferencing, music on hold, instant chat, Android and iOS clients to make a full rounded application. There are other features that can be incorporated into the system easily if the client wants to such as IVR. Ecosmob hosted IP PBX systems allow the small or medium-sized businesses compete against large enterprises on an equal platform by creating an image of being a large enterprise themselves.


The Ecosmob will provide their entire support for porting the phone numbers to their hosted IP PBX systems. In addition, they will also provide support to set up buttons for activating voicemail, hours of use, directory setup, and sequential and simultaneous ringing. Since the application is a hosted solution, therefore, it becomes easier to scale up or scale down according to the requirement of the user. All the maintenance and upgrading to support the system is taken care of by Ecosmob. Within a day of installation, it can be used by the clients as there are zero set up charges. A free trial period is also offered to the clients so that they can try out the Ecosmob IP PBX solution. The hosted IP PBX solutions can decrease the cost of communication and also improve communications which eventually helps the employee to become more efficient and productive. Customers can also benefit since they can properly communicate with the companies through the help of various channels and enjoy faster and more efficient response from the right person.


Latest published reports on global hosted PBX market states that the hosted PBX market will flourish as a result of the increase in demand for better mobility by the businesses. The hosted PBX market is benefitting owing to their cost-efficient features for the phones. There are also various other features that are boosting the market and will make it more demanding in the period between 2017 and 2025, such as the increasing adoption of cloud and UCis.