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Global Autonomous Train Competitive Landscape
Sheer Analytics and Insights upcoming “Sheer Quadrant” research study on Global Autonomous Train shows the beginning of tomorrow’s highly automated, connected, data driven railway system. The railway system is quietly making advancement towards driverless train. The grade of automation is slowly making advancement from GoA 1 to GoA 4. The railway system is inching closer to aerospace technology with the basics from Automatic Train Control System (ATC). Trains are automatically connected with ATC with sensors playing a fundamental role coupled with Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging (LIDAR), cameras and other electronic components. With minimal power requirement, these play a perfect role in reducing cost and maintenance.
Implementation of Positive Train Control System:
Positive Train Control (PTC) is a processor-based/communication-based train control system designed to prevent train accidents. PTC is capable of handling train movements and speed without the interference of train operator. Several types of PTC systems are installed in the United States railway network some of them are Advanced Civil Speed Enforcement System (ACSES), CBTC, ETMS, ITCS, Safenet System, and Sentinel System. The government regulations for PTC technology is expected to show the roadmap of autonomous train with the mainline railway network in the United States during the forecast period. The Federal government has extended the deadline for installation of PTC technology within the mainline rail network by December 2020.
The Federal Railroad Administration funded approximately $925 million in grants to support railroads’ development and implementation of PTC systems, including nearly $400 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding, $25 million in fiscal year 2016 Railroad Safety Technology Program funding, and $197 million in funding administered by the Federal Transit Administration under the FAST Act.
FRA issued $1 billion loan to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to implement PTC on the Long Island Rail Road and Metro-North Railroad.
Who is Leading the Race?
Sheer Analytics and Insights maps some of the major players who is in the race for leading the Autonomous Train Market.
Sheer Quadrant Report:
The research report for the competitive landscape of Autonomous train will provide extensive information of the major providers in the railway automation system includes their offerings, capabilities and market presence globally. It will help the clients and advisors to evaluate the current landscape and offerings by the major providers.
Figure 1: Global Autonomous Train Market- Competitive Landscape
Sheer Provider Quadrant Analysis model positions:
Tech evangelist: Highly advanced in technological innovation, however yet to achieve market penetration.
Market contender:Has a very high client base however new technology adaption is required to become to transform these contenders to leaders
Aspirants: Are typically new entrants, investments in terms of technology implementation or growth strategy is low, however they have long term potential
Market leaders:They have already achieved huge client base thanks to their advanced technology implementation. These companies define the market trends
Sheer Provider Listing for Autonomous Train
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